Corks Wine may be preserved during aging only if it is bottled with a high-quality cork. Cork plugs, regardless of their quality, as well as the cheap agglomerates made out of glued cork shavings, may release an unpleasant cork side taste in the wine. A cork, which has been in contact with mould, develops a repulsive musty smell. Cork producers spare no efforts in improving the technology for...

Winery terms

Alcoholic fermentation: the conversion of sugars into alcohol and carbon dioxide by using yeast. Most of the characteristics of wine are created at this stage. Anthocyanins: Tannin pigments in the skin of red grape. Anthocyanins are the source of the colour of all red wines. Barrique: 225-litre oak barrel, used in Bordeaux. Currently this type of barrels is used all over the world by...

Red wine

How do we make red wine? The grape varieties, used by Vinprom Rousse to produce its red wines, are Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Gamza and Rubin (Ruby). Process managers, as in the case of white wines, monitor the quality of grape while it is still on the vine and determine what type of wine will be produced out of each grape variety. After the grape is subjected to measurements and appraisal, it...

White wine

How do we make white wine? Process managers at Vinprom Rousse carefully monitor the quality of grape even while it is still on the vines. Thus they are capable of judging the quality of the raw material and identify which grape will be the most suitable for the types of wine on our assortment list. After the harvested raw material is delivered to the plant, it is subjected to analysis to...

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