PRISTIS ELEGANT An elegant white wine with a characteristic freshness, which combines two grape varieties – Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc. A delicate golden colour with green tints. A soft taste of citrus fruit. A persistent and refreshing...


PRISTIS PERFECT An impressive wine, produced out of three selected grape varieties –Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Pinot Noir. it has a lively and sparkling garnet-red colour. An explosive and multilayered bouquet, dominated by juicy fruits 0 sour cherry, blackberry, cherry with the pit. An exclusively harmonious taste, with a pleasant sweetness. Fascinating...


GAMZA This variety is typical for the western and central sections of Northern Bulgaria, mainly in the regions of Vidin, Pleven and Suhindol. Gamza is a late ripening variety. It ripens during the second half of September. Windy hills with relatively rich soils and good exposure are the most suitable terrains for Gamza. Wines produced from Gamza are harmonious, but to the sensitivity of the...

Aging of wine

Aging of wine While most of the white wines are suitable for consumption within a two or three years after harvesting the grape, many red wines preserve their qualities – and even improve them – with age. Why do red wines improve their quality with age? Everything depends on the tannins. The tannins are the astringent and bitter group of substances, which are found in the seeds and...


Corks Wine may be preserved during aging only if it is bottled with a high-quality cork. Cork plugs, regardless of their quality, as well as the cheap agglomerates made out of glued cork shavings, may release an unpleasant cork side taste in the wine. A cork, which has been in contact with mould, develops a repulsive musty smell. Cork producers spare no efforts in improving the technology for...

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