About Us

Vinprom Rousse is a modern winery, located in the northern vine and winery region, on the bank of the Danube. The winery was established in 1948 as part of the state alcohol monopoly

Now it occupies a prominent place among winemakers due to its capacity of 40 million litres per year and its rich traditions in the production of white and red wines, high-alcohol content beverages and vinegar.

Our winery is among the largest winemakers in Bulgaria, and exports its produce to market destinations like Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan and the USA.

Vinprom Rousse is among the largest exporters to the Baltic States and the Czech Republic.

It is important for us to gain a foothold on as many markets as possible. Vinprom Rousse combines its decades-long traditions in winemaking with the experience of Oenologists and the latest traditions of the art of making wine.

The company has been developing in to main directions over the last several years – maximum flexibility, in order to match even the highest consumer requirements, and maximum stability in terms of quality of beverages.